Mineral Deposits

Sigmoidal tectonic margins in the Western Pacific producing GOLD

Combinations of subduction, accretion and extension along the evolving western Pacific margin (Eastern Gondwana) aided the formation of numerous gold deposits during the Phanerozoic. Active magmatism is recycling and concentrating elements as we speak with great examples of juvenile gold deposits forming in New Zealand’s geothermal zones. Global mineral deposit data available on-line through the […]


Coffee grows where the volcano blows

Since the Earth’s inception volcanoes have been releasing gases necessary for life to evolve. The associated process of recycling the Earth’s crust has concentrated natural elements that modern society relies on, from  potash and sulphate for agriculture to lithium for technology and gold for commerce. As a result, communities across the globe have historically converged […]


100 years of earthquakes

As global population expands there is a proportional increase in the number of people living within areas under threat from natural hazards. A projection of trends from historical data suggests that over the course of the 21st Century global loss of life caused by earthquake-related events alone will extend into the millions. To minimise the […]