Geokincern integrates, visualises and interprets data to address Earth Science problems


Traditionally data have been under-utilized for various reasons (e.g. poor quality, lack of metadata and provenance information and under-confidence in interpretation).

With a growing “open-source” toolkit, our ability to sort, tidy, analyse and visualise these data places more of us in a position to make well-informed decisions with a greater degree of freedom and control.

Now we can revisit old data with new tools and new ideas to challenge existing paradigms

Likewise, newer, better data are easier to access, from sources as diverse as government organisations, community-based developments and crowd-sourced projects.

From the largest corporation to the smallest business to the individual, we are now more empowered to seek out knowledge, make inferences and share our ideas than ever before.

And we are all a part of this process…


Geokincern is available to consult on desk-based studies, data processing, visualisation and modelling and field-based mapping and geotechnical or geomorphological site investigations.  We specialise in integrating multiple and diverse data to address Earth Science problems and generate new ideas. You can read more about us here and here.


John Stewart (PhD, MAIG) and Helen Williams (PhD) are Earth Scientists with broad and complementary geological, geophysical and management skill sets gathered through experience across a wide range of terranes.  When not at work J & H enjoy being taken on epic beach or skatepark missions with their 3 boys in equal measure with good tunes and sweet reads.

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